Unique Food Packaging Requirements

Food Packaging Requirements Virginia

There are a number of unique food packaging requirements out there. The challenge for you  is to understand how these requirements pertain to your specific food products. Packaging requirements cover a myriad of concerns that are designed to protect both company and consumer. Ignore these requirements at your own professional peril. They are definitely worth taking seriously.

Important Food Packaging Requirements

One of the first unique food packaging requirements you have to consider concerns product qualification. To put it another way: Is your product qualified to be sold? Are you adhering to all FDA requirements that pertain to food packaging? It is definitely a good idea to find out what is expected of you.

Another food packaging requirement to keep in mind concerns the ingredients. Never forget that you are expected to have all of the ingredients in your products listed on the packaging. This should be clearly displayed and easy to read. Furthermore, you want to be certain that your labels are correct and not misleading in any way. In the first place, going against this can prove to be disastrous for your reputation. In the second place, it can get you in a good deal of trouble with the FDA.

You’re also going to want to choose the right packaging material or materials. You want materials that are going to accomplish three things simultaneously. The packaging absolutely must protect the food. This works on two levels. It protects the food from being damaged during shipping, or from being damaged due to repeated handling by customers. At the same time, it also protects the customer from potential contamination. The next consideration with this aspect of unique food packaging requirements involves information. You want to choose materials that will allow you to provide all the information you want, as well as all the information you are required to disclose. Finally, you want materials that emphasize preservation and which prevents exposure and waste.

You may also need to have your packaging adhere to certain conditions. For example, certain perishable products must be packaged in a controlled environment, with specific attention paid to temperature and humidity. Industry standards and government regulations must be followed.

Make sure you’re following label requirements as well. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, establishing the identity of the product, a net contents statement, nutrition facts, ingredient-allergen statements, and a signature line that provides a name and address.

This should give you an idea of your overall requirements. Contact Techni-Pak at (434) 260-1480 if you have any further questions!