Gusset Pouches For Your Packaging Needs


Have you considered gusset pouches for your packaging needs? If not, you may want to do something to change this. Gusset packages represent an option for packaging that is a good deal more diverse than some people give them credit for. Whether you are a new business looking to establish optimal packaging practices, or an established company that would love to take a new approach to your packaging, gusset pouches are well worth considering.

Are Gusset Pouches Right For You?

Gusset pouches for your packaging needs could prove to be a smart idea indeed. These bags are particularly popular for coffees and teas, but they have grown increasingly popular with other food industries over the past couple of years. Certain food products, snacks and even bakery goods are all examples of products that can take advantage of gusset pouches. These pouches offer a firm foundation, with easy access at the top of the package. There are a variety of different gusset pouch options you can consider, including base gussets and side gussets. Many seem to prefer side gusset pouches.

Take a look at a few visual examples. In doing so, you can begin to see why a number of food companies are turning to this packaging option for their products.

When it comes to exploring the possibility of gusset packaging, there are a few benefits you are going to want to consider:

  • Extremely efficient on a couple of critical levels: In the first place, gusset pouches represent a very affordable form of packaging, especially when you compare it to other rigid packaging options. Secondly, gusset pouches emphasize efficiency in packing potential. The sides are capable of expanding, which gives you the ability to package bulky items.
  • Additional features can make a good thing even better: Spouts are a good example of the features that can be added to these pouches.
  •  The shelf appeal is excellent: When you use gusset pouches for your packaging needs, the high quality packaging and high-gloss print are excellent in the way of shelf appeal.
  • You can display them in a variety of ways: Gusset pouches can be displayed both vertically and horizontally.
  • The high-barrier: The high-barrier is great for providing both protection and exceptional shelf life.

At Techni-Pak, we can show you how to take advantage of this exceptional packaging product. If this is indeed the right product for you, then there is no better time than now.