10 Things Shrink Wrap Can Be Used For

Shrinkwrap Packaging Services Techni-Pak VAIt is important to know what shrink wrap is and the mechanism behind it. This innovative wrap is made up of a polymer plastic which, when heated, will shrink tightly to the product you are wrapping by the use of a handheld heating machine. Shrink wrap is used for many products like food, beverages, books, bulk boxes and other merchandise. We often see this used in fruit and vegetable packaging to preserve it and prevent it from rotting too quickly. Aside from this common use of shrink wrap, there are many other possible ways to use it. Here are ten things shrink wrap can be used for that you never thought possible:

  1. Labeling – shrink wrap can be used as a label for products instead of putting it directly on the merchandise.
  2. Packaging Design – shrink wrap is used to decorate packaging to make it look more appealing, for example on bottles. It is also used for seasonal promotions as it can be personalized and printed with whatever designs you have in mind.
  3. Buildings and Houses – shrink wrap can protect industrialized concrete materials used in buildings and houses. It can also be used to seal buildings and houses after an earthquake or a tornado to quarantine the structure from chemicals and other hazardous materials.
  4. Marine Industry – it will form a tight skin to cover and weatherproof boats for storage and transport, in this way saving dollars and reducing the danger of climate damage to items.
  5. Household Storage – the product can be used to store seasonal clothes such as boots and fur coats for winter, to prevent them from getting damaged by humidity and dust. It can also be used to wrap magazines/books for protection.
  6. Travel – shrink wrap is essential to people who travel a lot. It can be used for both big and small items. It can be used to organize small items into one package. You can also have your luggage wrapped to ensure safety, especially when handling fragile luggage and at the same time prevent theft.
  7. Transport – it is widely used when transporting bulky and large items, to prevent damage and to save money. It is also used to protect sums of money, using tamper evident shrink wrap when transporting it from one bank to another.
  8. Sealing – shrink wrap is used to seal objects such as electrical wires, to insulate and prevent it from splicing. It can prevent accidents in the future.
  9. Preserving machinery – industries use shrink wrap to preserve large machinery which is not being used anymore.
  10. Shrink wrap is recyclable – not everyone knew this life hack but yes due to the composition of the wrap it is recyclable just like the first time you used it.

Shrink wrap is making noise all over the globe due to its many advantages. It protect products at retail stores, it saves storage space, lowers end product disposal and can save a lot of money. It is very effective against humidity, dust and dirt to ensure the preservation of the product.

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