Avoid These Mistakes With Your Products

Avoid Packaging Mistakes Techni-Pak VA

In the growing and always changing food and CPG industries, there are a lot of products flooding the market and to distinguish one from the other, it is important to have trademarked packaging and labeling. Product packaging is necessary to make the product more eye­catching and competitive, in fact, it is equally as important as the product itself. You need appropriate packaging to protect the product from damage. This doesn’t just protect the item during travel from the manufacturer to the retailer, it also helps prevent damage while the item is on display in the retail store. How an item is packed may be what attracts a consumer to try it. This is why many companies invest in the improvement of packaging and labels. However, there are some who do not see the importance of the proper packaging and labeling of their products. Here are a few examples of packaging fails you need to avoid:

  • Misspelled Words – this can be disastrous for it sends a different meaning to the consumers.
  • Misfit packaging – some packaging is too big or too small for the product.
  • Materials are not durable – this is very important especially for products stored in cartons and thin plastic. Consumers tend to damage the packaging unintentionally.Consider making the packaging more durable and as strong as possible.
  • Unclear printing – packaging includes printed labels. It is very important for the printing to be clear and bright to attract consumers.
  • Mislabeling – companies need to be extra careful when labeling. Sometimes labels are accidentally placed on a different product.
  • Not user­friendly – there are products that are not practical to take to outdoor activities such as canned products and bottled drinks. Bringing a can opener and bottle opener can be inconvenient, so people tend to settle for products that are handy and are easy to deal with.
  • Unclear product directions – with every package it is important to include directions for use of the product and also instructions on how to open the package. · Too much use of adhesives – one good example for this is toothbrush packaging, where the carton part is attached to clear plastic. Some are hard to open due to too much adhesive. · Improper sealing – there are products that should be properly sealed. For example products that have a very short shelf life like food. Where the seals are too weak and can easily be torn off, the chances are food can be exposed and contaminated.

Handling of products, especially food products, is very important as this can pose a serious threat to consumers’ health. For packaging needs do not settle for mediocre services and compromise the credibility of your business. Techni­ Pak can be your packaging partner.