Services in Virginia


Shrink Wrapping, VA

Within the contract packaging industry, Techni-Pak is one of the nation’s leading providers of shrink wrap services. We focus on high quality, high volume projects. Our unparalleled shrink wrap capacity makes us the go-to company when our customers have tight deadlines but aren’t willing to sacrifice the quality of their packages.


Kitting and Manual Assembly, VA

Techni-Pak excels at kitting and other assembly projects. Whether assisting with large one-off projects or taking over the entire assembly or packaging portion of their operations, Techni-Pak has become a vital partner to our customers. The success of these partnership is a result of our people. Production managers develop unique packaging lines that allow each every project we take on to be completed in the most efficient, cost effective manner.

Food Packaging Service, VA

Food packaging is one of Techni-Pak’s fast growing areas. Through investments in our facility, we offer a FDA Registered, USDA Certified space for primary dry food packaging and secondary food packaging. Techni-Pak specializes in taking bulk food and packaging it so it is “retail ready”. Whether packaging private label projects for a Big Box chain or providing a turnkey co-packing solution where Techni-Pak takes over the entire packaging operation, we offer solutions that meet the unique needs of each of our customers.

Re-Packaging and product re-work.

Techni-Pak has extensive experience handling repackaging and re-work projects. Each of these projects are unique as they are often not anticipated. Techni-Pak’s nimbleness and breadth of services allows us to complete any type of re-work project in a timely and cost effective manner.

Automated Labeling and Re-labeling

Techni-Pak has a full suite of labeling capabilities giving us the ability to meet any of our customers’ labeling needs. We have a number of printers which allows to create all types of labels, whether bar codes or marketing labels. We also have several automated label applicators that allow us to apply 100’s of labels per minute.

Product test, repair and inspection services.

Techni-Pak ensures that every project that comes through our facility meets the highest quality standards. Whether specifically contracted or not, our people are trained to identify any possible issues with the product we are packaging or assembling. Our customers greatly appreciate this service as Techni-Pak is often the last stop before retail products hit the shelves.

Light industrial manufacturing and assembly.

Techni-Pak offers contact manufacturing and assembly services for its customers. Leveraging our high attention to detail, quality and operational expertise, Techni-Pak has developed light manufacturing capabilities. To date, our services in this field have focused on defense contractors who seek to outsource non-core manufacturing and assembly of military products that they develop. However, companies from a number of industries could partner with Techni-Pak to complete non-core manufacturing/assembly so that they can focus on design, engineering, marketing and sales.

Mailing and fulfillment services.

While Techni-Pak offers full service mailing capabilities, we excel at projects that combine a packaging need with the need for putting the finished product in the mail stream. We are experts in firm bundling and co-mailing. Utilizing our automated equipment, we can complete high volume projects that are cost effective to produce and also allows our customers to achieve significant savings in postage costs.

Other services offered by Techni-Pak in VA

If you require a service not listed in the Services section, please call us. Techni-Pak will do just about anything to provide a solution for our customer’s packaging and operational challenges. We have in the past, and will continue to make substantial investments in new equipment to add new services, so that we can help our customers grow and succeed.These are but a few of the services we provide. If you don’t see a service you need listed here, please give us a call!