Returns Management


Customer: International Media and Education Company


Returns Management - Techni-Pak, VATechni-Pak role

The customer sells and markets a proprietary electronic educational tool. As the product’s usage has grown, so have the logistics involved in managing the returns of used units. The company turned to Techni-Pak to manage this process. Techni-Pak receives large quantities of used units and tests each individual unit. They are then sorted into three groups: fully operable, salvageable or not salvageable. Techni-Pak cleans, refurbishes and reprograms the operable and salvageable units and returns them to the customer to be redeployed.



The customer did not have the in-house manpower or expertise to effectively manage the growing returns process. Turning to Techni-Pak has allowed the customer to focus on its core competencies and save money not only by capitalizing on Techni-Pak’s superior efficiencies but by also increasing the successful recycled rate of the educational tool.