Product Repackaging and Re-Works

Product Repackaging Services Overview

Techni-Pak has extensive experience handling product repackaging and re-work projects. Each of these projects are unique as they are often not anticipated. Techni-Pak’s nimbleness and breadth of services allows us to complete any type of project in a timely and cost effective manner. These projects arise for a variety of reasons. The first group is when there is a problem – products are damaged in shipping; original packaging has printing errors and needs replacement; or, a multi-piece product was packaged without a component and the component needs to be added. The other set is more marketing driven – re-packaging unused inventory as a multi-set or applying new labels as part of a re-branding effort. Whatever the specific need may be, Techni-Pak is ready to help and deliver offer value-added solutions.

Highlights and Facts – Product Repackaging and Re-Works

  • Large production space can accommodate up to 8 dedicated packaging lines
  • Re-packing to reposition products in marketplace
  • Value packs and multi-pack creation
  • Sorting, re-labeling, bar coding
  • Recounting
  • Component removal and repackaging
  • Unwrapping and re-shrink wrapping
  • Unpacking and repackaging into new retail cartons
  • Product repackaging imported units
  • Replacing outdated packaging
  • Component additions to kits
  • Disposal of rejected materials
  • Strategic sourcing of packaging supplies

Applicable Industries for Product Repackaging