Fulfillment and Mailing Services

Fulfillment and Mailing Services Overview

While Techni-Pak offers full-service fulfillment and mailing capabilities, we excel at projects that combine a packaging need with the need for putting the finished product in the mail stream. We are experts in firm bundling and co-mailing. Utilizing our automated equipment, we can complete high volume projects that are cost effective to produce and allow our customers to achieve significant savings in postage costs. We also assist customers with their periodic marketing mailings and loyalty programs. So the next time you need to reach customer via mail, call us to find the right mailing solution for you.

Fulfillment and Mailing Services – Highlights and Facts

Mailing service and fulfillment Techni-Pak Virginia
Firm bundle mailing service, Virginia
  • Automated polybagging services
  • Capacity to polybag over 100,000 mail pieces a day
  • Selective collation
  • Firm bundling experts
  • Co-mailing
  • Data prep
  • Automated strapping services
  • Ink jetting of catalogs and periodicals
  • Automatic feeders allowing multi-piece mailings
  • Quick turn-arounds (in and out in the same day)
  • Addressing of product for the mail stream in-line with other packaging operations
  • Kit builds and kitting services
  • Insertions

Applicable Industries