Light Manufacturing and Assembly

Contract Assembly Overview

Techni-Pak offers contract manufacturing and assembly services for its customers. Leveraging our high attention to detail, quality and operational expertise, Techni-Pak has developed light manufacturing capabilities. To date, our services in this field have focused on defense contractors who seek to outsource non-core manufacturing and assembly of military products that they develop. However, companies from a number of industries could partner with Techni-Pak to complete non-core manufacturing/assembly so that they can focus on design, engineering, marketing and sales. Call us today so that we can create custom solutions to meet your specific needs.


Contract Manufacturing and Assembly – Highlights and Facts

Light Manufacturing and Assembly in VA

  • Custom solutions
  • Dedicated space for manufacturing operations
  • Following GMP Standards
  • Inspection and Repair Services
  • Mechanical testing
  • Electronic testing
  • Warehousing, shipping and distribution


Applicable Industries

  • Military Equipment Providers
  • Defense Contractors
  • Distributors of Military and First Responders Equipment
  • Electronics
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Pet Products