Product Testing and Repair Service

Product Inspection and Testing Overview

Techni-Pak ensures that every project that comes through our facility meets the highest quality standards. Whether specifically contracted or not, our people are trained to identify any possible issues with the product we are packaging or assembling. Our customers greatly appreciate this service as Techni-Pak is often the last stop before retail products hit the shelves. Building on our in-house inspection and re-packaging expertise, Techni-Pak offer full-service testing and repair services to its customers. Having completed projects ranging from testing the viability of returned electronics or inspecting 100,000 books for damaged bindings, Techni-Pak is ready to help meet your inspection, testing or repair challenges.

Highlights and Facts – Inspection, Testing and Repair Services

Product Testing and Repair Service in Virginia

  • Large production space can accommodate any type of inspection, testing or repair project
  • Inspection services
  • Visual inspection
  • Mechanical testing
  • Electronic testing
  • Repair and refurbishing service
  • Re-assembly services
  • Counting
  • Gluing and re-gluing
  • Cartoning
  • Warehousing of returned, inspected or tested goods
  • Disposal of rejected materials

Applicable Industries

  • Cosmetics and Beauty
  • Medical Packaging
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Food Products
  • Printing and Publishing
  • Pet Products
  • Electronics
  • Military Equipment