Printing and Publishing


Techni-Pak has a long history working within the printing and publishing industries. Our customers range from large, multi-national corporations to smaller, regional firms. We know these industries as well as anyone as our customers trust us will all of their unique packaging needs. Our ability to turn around large volume projects in a short time frame is particularly valuable in this industry as publishers often have large, nationwide releases.



  • Automated, High Speed Shrink Wrapping
  • Box Set and Slip Case Assembly
  • Re-Packs and Product Re-launches
  • POP floor Display Assembly
  • POP Counter Display Assembly
  • Automated Labeling and Insertions
  • Hand Assorts
  • Inspections and Repairs
  • Automated Polybagging
  • Mailing Services
  • Inspection Services
  • Warehousing, Shipping and Distribution


CASE STUDY – Assembly/Shrink Wrap of Special Edition Book Set

Printing and Publication PackagingAfter assembling slip cases, Techni-Pak collated and inserted multiple titles into each case. The entire slip case was shrink-wrapped on a high speed, automated machine with high quality 75-gauge film. After the product was shrink-wrapped additional automation was used to print and apply a retail sticker and a UPC bar code to the package. Finally, the product was placed in cartons, labeled, palatalized and distributed per customer specifications. After the initial on-time shipment, Techni-Pak continues to warehouse product for future orders.