Military Equipment in VA


Techni-Pak has always provided packaging solutions to consumer product companies. Fundamental to our success is a high attention to detail and quality. These attributes have been recognized by local defense contractors who seek to outsource non-core manufacturing and assembly of military products that they develop. By partnering with Techni-Pak, these companies can focus on the design and engineering of the unique equipment needed by First Responder and Special Operations Forces from around the world. Techni-Pak has developed of number of custom solutions to meet these needs.



  • Light Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Strategic sourcing of packaging components
  • Inspection and Repair Services
  • High Speed Shrink Wrap
  • Multi-pack packaging
  • Automated custom labeling
  • Re-packs and product re-launches
  • Warehousing, shipping and distribution

CASE STUDY – Contract Light Manufacturing

contract light manufacturingOur customer is a global provider of security solutions, intelligence products and services, and innovative technologies who developed a premium exothermic cutting rod for Special Forces units. Initially, the company’s engineers built these products. The rod proved to be very effective and has had a high adoption rate. To meet the increased demand, the company partnered with Techni-Pak. Techni-Pak purchased the necessary equipment to build a custom assembly line that has increased production volumes while reducing costs. Techni-Pak now warehouses the rod’s components and produces new orders on demand.