Food Packaging


Food packaging is one of Techni-Pak’s fast growing areas. Through investments in our facility, we offer a FDA Registered, USDA Certified space for primary dry food packaging and secondary food packaging. Techni-Pak specializes in taking bulk food and packaging it so that it is “retail ready”. Whether packaging private label projects for a Big Box chain or providing a turnkey co-packing solution where Techni-Pak takes over the entire packaging operation, we offer solutions that meet the unique needs of each of our customers.



  • Dry Food Packaging
  • Clam Shell Packaging
  • Club Packs
  • Gift Set Assembly and Packaging
  • POP Floor Display Assembly
  • POP Counter Display Assembly
  • Automated Labeling and Insertions
  • Secondary Packaging
  • Strategic Sourcing of Food Packaging Components
  • Inspection and Repair Services
  • Cartoning
  • Warehousing, shipping and distribution

CASE STUDY – Private Label Food Packaging

Food Packaging ServiceOur customer supplied peanut brittle for a national retailer’s private label holiday promotion. Several truckloads of bulk food were sent to Techni-Pak for final packaging in the FDA-certified portion of its facility. After weigh-scaling the right amount of product per customer specifications, Techni-Pak filled each clamshell container. After clamshell was sealed, product labels with product and nutritional information were applied to the package in exact location. The food packages were then placed in cartons, palletized and distributed directly to the end-customer’s distribution centers.