Cosmetics and Beauty

Cosmetics and Beauty Overview

Cosmetics packaging is a focus industry for Techni-Pak as our capabilities are well aligned with the needs of both large and emerging companies. High quality cosmetics packaging is a prerequisite for success for our customers and they rely on Techni-Pak to deliver. As an example, our shrink wrap quality is second to none in terms of presentation and durability. Plus our flexibility allows us to package any product to meet the various demands required by individual retailers.


  • High Quality Shrink Wrap
  • Gift Set Assembly
  • Multi-Pack Packaging
  • Automated Custom Labeling
  • Re-packs and Product Re-launches
  • POP Floor Display Assembly
  • POP Counter Display Assembly
  • Strategic Sourcing of Packaging Components
  • Inspection and Repair Services
  • Warehousing, shipping and distribution

CASE STUDY – Cosmetics Gift Set Assembly

cosmetic gift set assembly

Our customer, a premium provider of soaps, lotions, and beauty aids, needed a contract packager to assemble a private label spa amenities package for a luxury hotel. The gift set included eight components that required specific placement within a custom designed case. Techni-Pak received all the components and built several thousand sets in a fraction of the time and cost that our customer could have done on their own.