Assembly and Fulfillment Services

Customer: Promotional Products Marketing CompanyAssembly and Fulfillment Services Virginia

Techni-Pak role

Fulfillment services provider Techni-Pak was sent over 40 unique components from a variety of vendors. The promotional products included items such as t-shirts, posters, cups, floor mats and various office supplies. The customer needed Techni-Pak to assemble several hundred master kits that would each be sent to individual high schools across the country. The challenging part of this project was that each master kit not only consisted of several sub-kits, but each master kit was unique based upon each school’s own preferences. Techni-Pak staged and organized all the promotional products and first built the sub components; once complete, master kits were assembled, placed in cartons and distributed to each high school.

Outcome of our Fulfillment Services

Originally, the customer was unsure that they would be able to take this project on. After consulting with Techni-Pak, they went ahead with it. Despite the complexity, the project was completed without a single error and Techni-Pak’s customer won high marks from its customer for successfully completing this on time and cost effectively.

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